Career Preparation Activities:

Build professional confidence and boost your career opportunities
Our CPA course offers students a fantastic opportunity to gain global professional experience from a range of prestigious companies. Students will develop their resume and interview skills, practice English in the American workplace and progress with confidence towards their career goals! Each month we showcase one of our CPA students and their placement company. This month it’s Brazilian student Ana who placed with BMW San Francisco.
The placement:
Ana’s placement at a BMW dealership in San Francisco offered her the chance to experience an office environment as well get more hands on experience in the parts warehouse managing inventory and filling orders. She had to undertake administrative tasks including data entry and file management, answer phone calls, help with customer requests and process online orders.

“The best way to learn more about San Francisco and US life for me was in CPA. The BMW employees are so friendly and receptive, they helped me a lot. In my case, I was able to see in real life some things that I learned in my university, such as logistics. The better way to learn about other cultures is open your mind to new things and learn about the US work environment and the thinking in a US company.”